Where does your money go when you make a donation to the
Captain Timothy J. Moshier Memorial Foundation? 

Here are some causes/organizations we have supported:
-Fisher House
-Gold Star Family Support Center at Fort Hood 
-Bethlehem Soccer Club
-Albany H.S. JROTC
-Scholarship at BCHS for a graduating senior

--Gold Star Family Memorial

Is My Donation Tax Deductible?

There are no paid staff and your donation is 100% tax deductible.


Do You Have Any Paid Staff?
None at all.  We are all volunteers who care deeply for Tim's memory.

What Are The Challenge Coins?
Our challenge coin was designed by Peter McKee and is available for anyone who makes a $50 or greater contribution. Taken from the photo of Timmy standing in front of the helicopter, his silhouette is raised so we are reminded of how he is always with us. Challenge coins are used as calling cards and when two members of the military meet up, one presents a coin and if the other is without a coin he/she must buy the drinks. We honor and remember Tim and his fun-loving personality as well as his commitment to protecting our freedom.